Watch the fine print

If you look at that blog… and this link you’ll notice three hyperlinks.  The first under the word “reports”, goes to the page where the instructions to perform your own DIY test of possible cross scripting attacks may occur. 

The second link is for the vendor, Breach Security.

The third link, which appears to be “the test”, is in reality a page where you are instructed to sign up and a qualified technical representative will be sent to install the web application firewall.  Now it looks to me that it’s the 30 day trial offer that they’ve linked up to that can be seen here.. but does anyone else see that this article’s hyperlinks could get someone to sign up for the install of a product after the enticement of a DIY test?  The link to “quickie test” should go here: not to the sign up page to have a vendor install a trial.

One Thought on “Watch the fine print

  1. Looks like a form of Chinese Whispers.

    This is what happens when someone reports on a report, rather than go back to primary sources.

    There is no “quickie test” – just a sign-up sheet for an onsite install of a security appliance.

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