Installing Exchange 2007 into a SBS 2003 network

Ron was adding an Exchange 2007 into a SBS 2003 network and was hitting issues. 

Alexander came to the rescue with this answer…

I did such an installation myself.

Guess what!! The schema role transfer is not necessary. Apparently the 
author of that article was having some problems with the schema master and 
went with a solution that you would only use on a test machine.

The full details are available here:

1. These articles don’t mention SBS anywhere because the procedure works on 
both SBS and non-SBS.

2. At the end here you end up with a co-existing Ex2003 and Ex2007. If you 
want to drop the Ex2003 you will need to do a bit more research on that 

– Alexander Zammit WinDeveloper Software IMF Tune – Unleash the Full Intelligent Message Filter Power

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