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Less patches?

On Dr. Jesper Johansson’s blog he lays out the evidence for the fact that Vista has had less security patches than XP during the same time frame.  The operative word there is “security patches”.  As for the rank and file, the reality is that it ‘feels’ that Vista has been patched way more often than […]

It’s not me

The other day I got the TechNet magazine and saw this in the Letters to the editor section…   You can see this down at the bottom of the “From the Editor: Dealing with Information Overload — TechNet Magazine, February 2008″ section of the TechEd Magazine: And honestly, for a moment there I went… “uh, […]

Vista lite

Microsoft doesn’t recommend creating Vista ‘Lite’ | Beyond Binary – A blog by Ina Fried – CNET“Microsoft does not recommend using any tool to strip out applications from Windows Vista prior to installing it on your system, as it may affect your ability to download future Windows updates and service packs, and may […]

The Hold Music Video

[YouTube:WUSJiI4L5lw] Did you catch this on the blogs? There’s a couple of Songs I’ve heard on hold… WAY too often.  Gateway and Dell has annoying hold music.  The IRS is classical (which isn’t relaxing as it should be).  I wonder who the guy is who does the recordings for the Live Meeting…because I hear him […]

Yes size does matter

  The Acer 24 inch at NewEgg online – Three Acer 24inch monitors in action (click here for a better view)…. Vista, Office 2007 and then on the right, a virtual XP image of the exact desktop just in case I forgot something during the migration for one of the partners in the office. […]

The Official SBS Blog : SBS Clients Lose Access to Shares and/or Cannot Get DHCP Addresses:

The Official SBS Blog : SBS Clients Lose Access to Shares and/or Cannot Get DHCP Addresses: (due to Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0)   Today’s SBS blog moment brought to you by Mike Lieser

New Guide for Windows Mobile 6 and SBS 2003

News & Views for Irish SBSC Partners : New Deployment Guide for SBS 2003 & Windows Mobile 6!:

Coming out in Vista sp1 —

A Windows Vista-based computer is frequently unresponsive for 30 seconds if the Documents folder is redirected to a shared folder, and the folder is made available offline: But if you can’t wait you can email for the hotfix now.  I got it within about an hour.

Accounting Apps on Vista – part 2

Another of our internal apps that runs perfectly on Vista is a classic example of INSTALLING it on Vista is the hard part..once you have it running it works just fine. The first step I noticed after running the usual install routine is that it did not use the mapped drive letters but the unc […]

The consensus view

You remember this post right? Microsoft wants to learn from us – The Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”: the other day a few folks on a Yahoogroup weren’t too sure about giving feedback to Microsoft as lately they’ve been moving into the IT Services space.  So when today, someone else posted up in another […]