Stickiness part 2 – Quickbooks for Mac differences

The other day someone on one of the lists made the statement ..the gist was “software is software” and Quickbooks has a Mac version.

Be aware there are differences in the versions between Windows and Mac:

Differences between QuickBooks for Windows and Mac

QuickBooks for Windows and Mac offer the same basic set of financial management tools, but have some differences too. Depending on which version of QuickBooks you compare to, the differences can be significant. Check the list below to see if any of these situations apply to you. If so, you should continue to use QuickBooks for Windows.

  • Do you currently use QuickBooks Payroll? (translation it’s an online service in the Mac version)

  • Do you use merchant account services?

  • Do you use other applications that integrate with QuickBooks? (QB for Windows has way more interops with third party integration software)

  • Do you use QuickBooks for online bill pay or funds transfer?

  • Do you need more than one person to access your company file at the same time?5

  • Do you use inventory assemblies?6


1 Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 sold separately by Apple Computer, Inc. Address Book is included in Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. Synchronization with mobile phones and PDAs requires an iSync 2.1-supported phone or PDA. For a list of supported devices, visit

2 QuickBooks Pro 2007 for Mac can convert files from QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier, and Premier Accountant Edition 2007 and 2008 for Windows (U.S. versions, one way: Windows to Mac). QuickBooks 2007 for Mac can exchange data with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Premier Accountant Edition 2007 and 2008 for Windows (U.S. versions, round trip: between Mac and Windows).

3 Requires paid .Mac account available separately from Apple Computer, Inc.

4 iCal is included in Mac OS X from Apple Computer, Inc.

5 All users must be on the same-year version of QuickBooks to access the same company file. For Pro for Windows, requires the purchase of additional single user products or a 5 user pack to become multiple user capable.

6 Available only in QuickBooks: Premier editions and Enterprise Solutions.

7 Requires QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, powered by PayCycle, Inc. Additional fees apply. Internet access required. Adobe Reader is required to print checks and forms. Service not available in Canada. You can also choose to use Aatrix Top Pay (software not included).

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