If you are testing Windows 2008 and want to attach it to a SBS 2003… don’t use /connectcomputer  it’s won’t work.  Use instead the manual domain join method.  Go into the System properties and place the domain info there and join it manually.

We also still have questions about how to get TS licensing set up on the member server box… so hang loose on that one for now.

One Thought on “So you want to connect a Windows 2008 to a SBS 2003?

  1. I went through that a couple of months ago and ran into the same thing, having to join old school style. My post on the whole joining process is at http://geekinparadise.com/2007/10/28/server-2008-in-sbs2003-domain and tested the ConnectComputer method in the comments.

    It was an extremely painless process overall. Pleasantly surprised.

    TS Licensing I never got around to unfortunately.

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