The Official SBS Blog : Reclaiming Disk Space Lost to IIS Logs on SBS 2003:

The Official SBS Blog : Reclaiming Disk Space Lost to IIS Logs on SBS 2003:

Excel 2007 – not enough resources

I had a siutation where Excel 2007 would like blow up but not completely.  It would never Dr. Watson, it would just indicate ‘out of resources’

And then the screen would look funky like this:


It turned out to be caused by Adobe add ins

Here is a summary of the key points of the case for your records.

Action: Customer upgraded to Office 2007.

Result: Users get errors in Excel such as ‘Not Enough System Resources’.


1) This may have been from Com Addins.

2) Customer also made changes to the firewall on the machines in question.


1) Com Addins are removed by setting the LoadBehavior of the addin to
Zero (0) in the registry.

They can be loaded at two locations:

a) HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\<Addin

b) HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\<Addin

Google has no hits? What’s the world coming to?

So I’m googling on a topic and hit no hits.  I mean … NO hits…. and on this Vista machine I have Live Search in the corner and so I try MSN Live search.

Wow.  I got two hits on Live search.  Google got no hits?  That’s a first.  Truly.  But it points out that every now and then you should try different search engines just to make sure the one you are current using truly does give you what you need.

(just call this a post about a girl blogging about google — an inside joke with Vlad)

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The Official SBS Blog : The CEICW Certificate Generator Will Be Out Of The Office On February 29, 2008:

Marina reminded me of this….

So do you call Microsoft?

Interesting email in the case regarding “Vista capable” and this section from Steven Sinofsky caught my eye (taken from

“So far I am surprised at the low call volume in PSS [Product Support Services]. I think we have a lot of new PCs which helps and the hobbyist people who bought FPP/UPG [Full Packaged Product or upgrade] just know what to do and aren’t calling, but I know they are struggling.”

When I was struggling in early January with my Sister’s Dell OEM Vista laptop with Vista on it and trying to find a video driver that would work in the docking station and not screw up with the 22 inch widescreen monitor NOT ONCE did I call.  Not once did I call Dell. Not once did I call Microsoft.  If there is one message that I wish the executives at Microsoft would get through their heads is that for the vast number of people I interact with that have computer issues, not once do they consider calling up Microsoft.  Not a single solitary time.

Why?  Because especially on the consumer side they don’t know the experience they will get for one… will there be push back to take the issue to the OEM support?  Will it involve a long distance call to the overseas equivalent of 1-866-pcsafety?  They don’t have the time for the wait on the phone call and don’t have any patience for any vendor finger pointing for sure.

That edit of selected emails in that post on the SeattlePI blog points out the ‘evil’ side of corporate Microsoft that I don’t see at the bottom of the employee rungs, but sometimes glimpse at the top.  Your employees shouldn’t have to plead such things as “Please give this some consideration; it would be a lot less costly to do the right thing for the customer than to spend dollars on the back end trying to fix the problem.”

Do the right thing, Microsoft.

It does cost less in the long run.

But yeah, listen to your customers.

Are firms really impacted by security breaches?

Network Security: The ancient art of defence:

In this video by John Craddock/Microsoft on the ancient art of the attack, he talks about how firms can be driven out of business with a security incident. But is that the reality?  We know that TJMaxx is still in business.  We know that their stock prices haven’t been impacted.

 So why hasn’t the fact that they’ve had one of the largest breaches on record translated into a greater economic impact?

Windows Server 2008 slide deck

I’m doing an AICPA presentation on Server 2008 and I’ll be putting up the Server 2008 slide deck here after it’s done

Stay tuned!

Live Webcast: 2008 Launch Wave Global Kickoff

Live Webcast: 2008 Launch Wave Global Kickoff

February 27, 2008, 9am-10:30am (Pacific Standard Time)

Join Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer as he kicks of a series of global events to launch Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. Ballmer will introduce new software and tools designed to help IT professionals and developers make a difference at work and in their communities.



Server 2008 officially launching today

Can’t be in Los Angeles in Person?  No problem!

Sign up for the virtual event.


Heroes Happen Here :: Events:

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In a moment of brillant timing that at the time I didn’t even think about…. I’m doing a similar “launch” event

New Windows Server 2008:

Recent Security Enhancements


Presented by: 

Susan Bradley, CPA.CITP, GSEC, SBSC

 Wednesday, February 27th at 2:00-3:30pm EST (11:00-12:30pm PT) In today’s changing environment, technology is rapidly evolving and improving.  The introduction to Windows Server 2008 is presented in this seminar to help organizations be informed of new security enhancements to the 2008 server and help you be informed when you are considering an upgrade.


In New Windows Server 2008, Susan Bradley provides an introduction to new security enhancements to the Windows Server 2008 that is to be released in February 2008.  Based on the book written by Dr. Jesper Johansson, Susan discusses enhanced tools and technical features available to Windows Server 2008.


Susan Bradley, CPA.CITP, GSEC, SBSC – Susan started her career in computing with IBM 8088 computers and Compaq “luggable” portables. To this day she is convinced that her right arm is longer than her left arm because she lugged those dang “luggables” for an entire summer at an audit job. Now she practically has an RJ45 connection growing out of her body. In addition to being the Technology partner at her firm in Fresno, California, she writes the PatchWatch column for Brian Livingston’s Windows Secrets and is a contributing author to the Windows 2008 Security Resource Kit by Dr. Jesper Johansson along with being an author on several Microsoft Windows Small Business Server books.

Got a "non-commercial" office?

The title bar displays “non-commercial use” when you start an Office
Home and Student 2007 program:
If you happen to purchase a computer and it says “for non-commercial use”, this is a tale-tell sign that this is the Office Home and Student version.
While the Office Home and Student version can be installed on three home machines, it’s not meant for business use.