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A note on this.  The reboot issue is seen both before and after patching at times.  It’s sporatic and your best proactive stance to be prepared for it is to have alternative means to reboot the box.  That means you install Ilo’s and Drac cards in Servers.  Or you leave a backdoor in another server or workstation so that you can get on the network and do a remote shutdown script to reboot the box.

A little command line comes in handy – The Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”:

You click start-shutdown-reboot.
You enter the reason for the reboot.
You click okay to start the reboot process.
It begins the shutdown.
You lose the remote desktop/TS session.
The system doesn’t complete the reboot process and is sitting there with 3389 not responding and the system not completed the reboot session.

The way to recover is to get onto some other system (RWW to a desktop) and run a remote shutdown script.

shutdown -r -m \\nameofcomputer

add -f to force a shutdown/reboot

 Alternatively I’ve seen where TS/3389 doesn’t respond on the way back up if something else grabs 3389 on the way up (There’s a KB — You receive a “The server may be too busy” error message when you try to connect to Terminal Services on a Small Business Server 2000 computer: for the 2000 era.. haven’t seen it as much in the 2k3 era.

Bottom line when remotely patching, be aware that we are seeing a bit more of an uptick of this issue and plan your processes accordingly.  Give yourself a backdoor this month, just in case.

4 Thoughts on “Give yourself a back door

  1. So does Brianna have a backdoor that you use?


  2. bradley on February 14, 2008 at 6:28 pm said:

    Yup. It’s called ping Vlad.

  3. Sometimes ‘shutdown -r -f -m \\‘ just won’t work.

    A more forceful – and abrupt shutdown – is to use the Sysinternals pskill command with the -t switch and a PID of 4 (the System process). A very, very quick way of rebooting a box.

  4. This issue has been detailed in non-SBS land via the following Microsoft URL:;en-us;930045

    Better yet, Microsoft’s solution is to not patch via a Remote Session. Wonderful!

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