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DST issues downunder?

Inside Entourage by Amir : DST Workaround for Entourage 2004 & 2008 Users in ANZ:’t forget you can go to for wizards on how to get info for DST issues

Spam …spam..and more spam

BBC NEWS | Technology | Spam blights e-mail 15 years on: As a result of whatever brilliant thing SBCglobal/Yahoo did to their servers, some of the email being sent from domains that I know are hosted on sbcglobal domains are now being caught by my spam filters. So if you were expecting an email […]

Snitching? Or protecting?

My co-worker looks at porn – Work + Money on Shine: Interesting.CC may hate a snitch, but will she like it when the network/computer that she uses to compose her CC content is owned by malware possibly introduced by said web sites.Granted, I think it’s the IT admin’s job if the policy of the […]

Hyper V and ….

Stolen from Charlie Russel —  XP 64 bit guru, as well as uber author if you want to install a certain…. hmmm… let’s just call it the meow meow cat of a beta product on Hyper-V you need to ensure that you use legacy nic settings.When you are doing tests on HyperV, bottom line if […]

Frustration and complexity “Bottom line is that clearly many people are buying Macintosh computers for two reasons: due to the overall frustration and complexity of Windows and due to the increased marketing (and possibly a better product) of the Mac platform.” The sad thing about reading Joe Wilcox’s story about his friend who is having issues […]

A crisis of keys

I’m in a crisis right now.  My baby laptop, The Acer Travelmate c110, my trusted travel companion, the one that’s gone from XP to Vista without complaint, the one that I’ve worn off the M and the N key and have a shiny spot on the space bar is now having a key problem.  It sometimes doesn’t […]

Same Service packs folks “It must be noted that Windows Small Business Server is technically not an ‘edition’ of the Windows Server operating system but rather a customized SKU of server technologies targeted especially to small businesses. As such, the application servers are not merely bundled with the OS but are tightly integrated into the operating system. The […]

The two triggers to no

Book Review: The 7 Triggers to Yes | Small Business Trends: Today I got something in the mail that was the two triggers to ‘no’.  A postcard from a Computer company.  Here’s some constructive criticism for those considering sending out postcards. First off, ensure that you finish up your web site before sending out […]

Small Business Trends Movie

Dawn: A small business trends movie | Comcast SMB:  “Take time for thinking each day” Watch this little slide show….. Small Business Trends Movie:

I have a $3,000 door stop

Tim Anderson’s ITWriting – Tech writing blog » Small Business Server 2008: no ISA Server, no built-in tape backup: I have a $3,000 Sony tape door stop.  Well it used to be a fully functional… okay most of the time functional tape backup until until it decided to crap out on me.  (It was sorta […]