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May 22nd…here it comes… Oh yeah…… May 22nd… get ready because here it comes.. (and remember there’s one scene that was shot in Fresno)

Not quite fixing "a yellow bang"

When a new OS ships it normally takes a few weeks (months?… or in the case of Vista years?) for vendors to jump on the bandwagon.  The firm bought a new server to be a PDF saving beast and I started to put Win2k3 on it and then went…hang on…. let’s put 2k8 on it.  […]

SMBNation — Canadian style Okay you Northerners….. check out what’s right around the corner for you guys up north!! SATURDAY May 3, 20088:30am-9:30am- Keynote Speaker: VoIP for SMB VARs: Opportunities and Pitfalls.9:30am-12:00pm- (Room A) Introduction to Response Point (Schurman)- (Room B) 70-282 Exam Cram For Small Business Specialists (Mulzer)10:15am-10:45amMigrating SMB Customers to Managed Services (Dan Thomas)12:30-1:30pm – Presentation […]

Have 4 left… act fast..

Xobni just gave me more beta invites and I have a few left….. Ping me at if you want one   Have 4 3 2 1 0 left.  

Unscientific…but Wow….

I’m in the process of moving some documents from a 2k3 based server to a 2k8 based one. This is an unscientific test of copying files from the 2k3 server to my Vista workstation: Copy folder from 2k3 to Vista:  5 gigs, about 8 minutes. Copy folder (same size/data) from 2k8 to Vista:  5 gigs, […]

XP SP3 and MCE

Yes, that’s XP sp3 on a Media Center edition as a test, and yes I didn’t lose domain join, but I’m still not ready to give it the thumbs up at this time on MCE’s.  We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of two MCE’s that didn’t like the install of XP sp3. Bottom line […]

Per Mary Jo, XP sp3 not out today

 XP SP3 not generally available yet, after all | All about Microsoft |“Microsoft has decided not to release Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 3 to Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center as planned on April 29. The reason? A last-minute compatibility issue with a Microsoft application — Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System […]

Vista Enterprise and Virtualization Hopefully I’m channeling Eric Ligman correctly on this…. If you get a client to sign up for Software Assurance rights …which gets them in to Vista Enterprise (bitlocker and all that), you also get the right to run as virtual pcs under that Vista older OS.  I realize not everyone can be talked into […]

So what exactly do downgrade rights mean?

In my Microsoft Volume licesning window I have the rights for the following software…. Windows Vista, or Windows XP.  I also have downgrade rights for Office 2007 to 2003 to XP.  So what exactly does downgrade rights mean?  Does it mean that once I roll myself back to Office XP that I can’t upgrade to […]

How to play at work (or get fired, which ever comes first)

Social Tools for the Office Worker: How to Subvert I.T. and Play at Work – ReadWriteWeb: [YouTube:CKTwKLA_cyQ] Remember boys and girls, have that Acceptable Use Policy out there first.