One Thought on “The Official SBS Blog : Vista Service Pack 1 Considerations:

  1. Joe_Raby on April 6, 2008 at 1:59 pm said:

    Sigmatel audio codec technology was bought by IDT long ago. If you still have one of the old drivers, then it’s time to update it to one that IDT made, with the new black IDT control panel. The newer IDT drivers are all compatible with Windows Vista SP1, but some desktop and notebook systems based on AMD chipsets don’t support the common drivers from IDT. The IDT drivers mostly only work with Intel chipsets and platforms, so those system manufacturers offering AMD systems should really get to work and update those drivers.

    If you have an Intel chipset, you can go to Intel’s website and grab the audio driver for an Intel-made motherboard with a matching chipset, and it should work just fine. You don’t have to have an Intel-made motherboard for it to work so long as the chipset matches. Also, Intel only has IDT drivers for HD Audio codecs, not AC’97 codecs.

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