Quickbooks is incorrectly attributing a failure of .net 2.0 sp1 as a “update from last night”.  NO it wasn’t.  .NET 2.0 sp1 came out a long time ago and about a month or two ago moved up into the High priority and Critical section.

But to state that “a Windows update from last night” is the cause makes it sound like it’s a security update that caused this problem and it’s not.  It was a Service Pack for .NET 2.0 that had no reason to be installed this week during tax season.  None at all. 

Please folks… if you can’t handle patching on your own, hire someone to manage your patching and Service Packs, especially one that impacts LOB applications have no business being installed the week before April 15th.

I hate patching .NET and do not install service packs willy nilly.  Always when you see a service pack remind yourself that there is NO NEED to install this immediately.  It is YOUR choice.

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Subject: QuickBooks Not Opening for Some Users
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 10:54:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: QuickBooks ProAdvisor Critical Alert <QuickBooksProAdvisorTeam@proadvisors1.intuit.com>
Reply-To: QuickBooksProAdvisorTeam@proadvisors1.intuit.com
To: sbradcpa@pacbell.net

April 11, 2008

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QuickBooks Not Opening for Some Users

Audience Affected

ProAdvisors and their clients using QuickBooks® 2008 financial software or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0. The problem does not affect all users and does not affect earlier versions of QuickBooks.

Look for These Symptoms

Dear QuickBooks ProAdvisor,

We have discovered that a Windows update issued last night may be triggering problems for some users of the above-referenced versions of QuickBooks financial software.

When the problem occurs, the QuickBooks software does not open.

Common symptons include the following:

  • The QuickBooks splash screen flashes, and then goes away on launch.

  • On launch of QuickBooks an error message says that the Web Connector has failed to initialize.

This issue is covered in the Knowledge Base item KBID 1009275. The KBID includes links to the Microsoft site for further assistance as needed.

Our response to this issue continues to develop and if we have new information to share after this Alert goes out, we will let you know at once.

Do Not Uninstall and Re-Install QuickBooks

This problem revolves around an issue with .NET. Uninstalling and re-installing QuickBooks does not address the problem and is not recommended.

    Apologies for This Interruption

    We know how valuable your time is, and that many of you are working intensely to meet the tax filing deadline. We apologize for this inconveninece but wanted to make sure you were aware of this issue potentially affecting you and your clients.

    We will continue to rush you new information on this issue, as it becomes available.


    The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Team

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