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XP sp3 will be hitting the streets shortly and one of the things that we’re still watching for is the impact on Media Center Edition Computers that were hacked up to join a SBS domain.  In very limited testing we found that they lost network connectivity.  We may need to figure out the way to re-hack them on the domain.  But bottom line, as with ANY service pack go slow… don’t rush.

 I am not a fan of deploying these service packs via Automatic updates period.

2 Thoughts on “XP sp3 rtm’s

  1. WARNING!!! Be Aware of XP SP3 RTM!!!

    Who thinks Microsoft is introducing out of the kindness of their good hearts, a new feature which I’m sure everyone wanted in XP SP3? It’s called “Network Access Protection”. Which Microsoft claims it basically enforces compliance with system health requirements.

    What that means is in that NAP can deny network access, until you install Microsoft’s own proprietary draconian stipulations source code which the public isn’t allowed to review. Who wants Windows to tell Microsoft what networks your trying to gain access, unless for national security interests by the NSA, CIA or FBI? As if already having all communications spied upon, wasn’t enough?

    This is just another attempt of Microsoft’s strategy to extend, embrace, and then extinguish all other competition. All Microsoft needs is just some excuse to show how their networks are better protected using NAP than those who don’t use NAP. Then, everyone ends up installing their dependent monthly security patches. Haven’t you noticed that it’s become easy for Microsoft like others to run hash checksum values of your files and then take appropriate action, to report back or by claiming the file was a threat. Anyone finding the so called glitch would just hear, that the software which had accidentally corrupted your data/files or had accidentally deleted the offending data/files, was indeed just a bug. Denial from Microsoft will be the first response here, etc…

    The point I’m trying to make known, is to remind everyone NOT to become dependent upon Microsoft. Especially, when Microsoft has been convicted, with it’s long history of antitrust violations, for monopolistic business practices. Microsoft has frequently sought to establish proprietary monopolies–and then leverage its dominance into new, adjacent markets. There is no win-win situation here other than for Microsoft’s own short sighted economic benefits.

    Let me remind everyone, Microsoft’s strategy has been focused upon entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to disadvantage its competitors.

    Another marketing strategy of Microsoft is a sale of Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) tactic! In addition, Microsoft creates the environment in which networks of social fanboyism employees and followers utterly devoted with obsessions work actively behind the scenes to orchestrate “independent” praises of their technology. While at the same time are bashing any perceived threats, competition or anything that prevents their dominance. If all the above doesn’t work, Microsoft has a habit of killing off competitors by either buying them or their technologies.

    And let’s NOT forget how Bill Gates obtained a cloned design of Gary Kildall’s CP/M, QDOS, from Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer products and MSDOS/IBMDOS was born.

    Did you realize 486’s are still usable machines if you’re running something other than Microsoft’s latest software?

    And who wants their XP operating system to be turned into Vista DRMed machine by installing Vista like code which could lead to your computer being disabled?

    What are the benefits of applying XP SP3? No real new features, only a whole lot of patches… Is this anything to get excited about?

  2. bradley on April 22, 2008 at 1:10 am said:

    Yo, dude, if you don’t enable NAP .. news flash for ya… NOTHING HAPPENS… you still connect to your network.

    Talk about FUD dude, let me remind you that one needs to have a NETWORK POLICY SERVER in order to do this. One has to ENFORCE the Nap policy before you start locking workstations off the network.

    Richard? Buy a book. Read. Stop listening to slashdot. Go stand up a Win2k8 server and enough with the religion, politics and tinfoil and take the time to understand the technology.

    Read. Learn. Lose the religion.

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