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SQL injection information from Harry’s blog

 While the default apps on a SBS 2003 (and upcoming SBS 2008) go through a SDL process so that I’m not concerned about SQL injection possibilities on my SBS box (nor do I have SharePoint exposed anyway) when you have third party and home grown apps, you really don’t know of what the coder did. […]

The Carpet Bomb threat… or?

Microsoft released an advisory which I think is referring to the Safari “carpet bomb” threat. See and and

Patching Flash – Brian’s excellent point If you a MSP and you use a patching tool to deploy Flash, have you signed up for the right to redistribute Flash? Brian makes an excellent point that you need to sign up for the right to do so.

The buzz on servers

The other day someone said that the business value they saw in SBS 2008 wasn’t that Exchange was bigger (it is), wasn’t that that SQL is on a separate box in premium, wasn’t that if everything comes to pass with software assurance promises, that will be one killer deal, it was that the file replication/branch […]

So what exactly is twitter anyway? (cough) someone isn’ t keeping up on the fake susan bradley twittering. So what information gets out the door of your organization through social sites?  Do you google on your firm name?  Have a google news alert?  What about ? Yup people even tweet about downloading SBS 2008… Someone was asking what is […]

4 gigs is truly the minimum

Windows Small Business Server 2008 RC0 – First Impressions » Lukas Beeler’s IT Blog » Blog Archive: Lukas FYI… when they say 4 gig minimum…they mean 4 gig minimum. IMHO 4 gig is the old 512 memory.. you’ll want more than 4 gig. And regarding UAC … on a server Amy will say leave […]

The beta process

The WSSG Community Lead Blog : Thoughts on Sean’s post on Community Strategy; Are you Company-Centric or Customer-Centric?: Some bugs you win, some you lose. One that is in RC0 thanks to the folks on the activedir listserve that inspired it is the registry key value of DSRMAdminLogonBehavior.  You can read more about it here: […]

About that cloud….

Some online backup services insecure – heise online UK:–/110771 Does the cloud have maintenance windows that match your needs for maintenance? Read that.  The Cloud has issues.  Be aware of that.

Cute Crall… real cute…

SBSC & MSP Buzz » Blog Archive » Hi Hilton!: …to Mark Crall…the photo in question for you to obtain in Houston at the WWPC is you and Hilton from Australia…not Paris Hilton…. Nice try dude.

Patch your Flash

Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT): Potential Flash Player issue – update: UPDATE: We’ve just gotten confirmation from Symantec that all versions of Flash Player are not vulnerable to these exploits. Again, we strongly encourage everyone to download and install the latest Flash Player update, To verify the Adobe Flash Player […]