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So what’s TMG anyway?

Download details: Forefront™ codename “Stirling”: So if you want to see what TMG is all about..check out that beta (there’s a Virtual one as well)

The Official SBS Blog : Software Assurance entitlement for SBS 2003 customers upgrading to SBS 2008:

The Official SBS Blog : Software Assurance entitlement for SBS 2003 customers upgrading to SBS 2008: If you have any clients on Software Assurance… or you just sold them on Software assurance… or were thinking of selling them on Software Assurance…. you just might want to take a look at that blog post.

Junction Points and Access Denied

Man I hate it when I am looking for a document and can’t find it, and I know I blogged about it.  It had to do with the changed folder locations in Vista and it made be go “oh, that’s why users is where it is and why I get an access denied when I […]

Error 0×80070057 returned from call to Adding routers IP address

So Kevin hit an issue where he ran the CEICW on a brand new SBS 2003 computer and hit this:×80070057+returned+from+call+to+Adding+routers+IP+address+to+the+intranet+zone().#50b71975e02617db Error 0×80070057 returned from call to Adding routers IP address to the intranet zone(). So how did he fix this?  Two things. He imported the registry key from a working computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\InternetSettings\ZoneMap And then […]

About that data portability So here’s the reality.  Today we’re running Community Server 2008 sp1 and the data is built and stored in SQL 2005.  As a result of this migration we’ve lost some attachments, images, and for the decorator in me, blog skins that work.  Not the greatest migration that I would have hoped for.  So I look […]

Slipstream XP sp3 and RWW Active X issues solved

A huge thank you for this follow up to an issue that impacted Remote Web Workplace. The issue was that as you built a XP sp3 with IE7 slipstream install that you could not enable the Terminal Server Redistributable (Active X control) that RWW needs to function.  If you install XP sp3 it gets disabled […]

One more upgrade folks to CS 2008 sp1

 Community Server 2008, Service Pack 1 Now Available! : Community Server: One more bump up that hopefully this blonde can handle now that we’re over the hardest hurdle.  Just announced yesterday.  At least I have great timing!

Wanted: SQL server savvy person to translate help files for blonde non SQL Savvy person.

Not sure if this is just getting too old to learn, too in over my head or what but for all of those folks that joke about how newbies or whatevers that need images and step by step instructions, sometimes get out of your comfort zone, go to something way over your head and read […]

Pardon the mess

Not all blog posts on blogs page – Community Server: Pardon the construction zone around making sure everything is working post upgrade to CS 2008 like it should I realized the main feed page is not updating.  In looking on the Community Server site that’s the fix I found.  The blog site is […]

For those of you who missed the headlines…

Hyper-V RTM’d yesterday. Now keep in mind that because officially SBS 2008 has not RTM’d, if you go to look for specific supportability statements, they “ain’t” gonna be there.  Why?  Because SBS 2008 is not released.  Microsoft traditionally does not post support info about a beta product in a released product.  Ergo that’s why when […]