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SBS08 Public Newsgroup

Welcome to the SBS Public Newsgroup Page

If you would like to simply read the new SBS 2008 Public newsgroup…
It can be reached via the web here: SBS 2008 Public Newsgroup 

Ask a question to the SBS 2008 Public Newsgroup / Setup your favorite NNTP Newsgroup Reader….

Step 1: Join the Public Windows Small Business Server 2008 Connection here on MS Connect. Click here to join.

Step 2: Setup your favorit NNTP Newsgroup Reader (Detailed instructions here):

  • If you have already registered for other connections on MS Connect, you can simply refresh your newsgroups list and you should see the the newsgroup in your reader.
  • The NNTP / News Server is ( will work as well)
  • If you have not setup a NNTP Newsgroup Account on MS Connect before do the following 2 things;

    1. Go to the following URL to setup your credentials; Set Newsgroup Password
    2. Go to the following URL for instructions on how to setup your reader; Configure NNTP Reader

Thanks for using our new Public Newsgroups hosted on MS Connect. We hope the registration process is acceptable. We chose to go with this new NNTP Server to help address issues with not having authentication on

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