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Funky Monitoring reports? Try this For all of those folks that have had “funky” monitoring reports since about mid July on your R2 boxes, I want you to try on a box or two the following test: Subject: monitoring reports not working?   7/30/2008 7:18 AM PST By:   Les Connor [SBS MVP]  In:   If you’re […]

So what’s the minimum you can run SBS 2008 RC on?

You ‘can ‘ do less than 4 gigs…. About 3.5 gigs in fact… and you can do less than 60 gigs… but it looks like it’s 3.5 gigs on the SBS 2008 and 50 gigs on the hard drive are the “real” minimums.  

Got a Mac? Patch for DNS

BIND CVE-ID: CVE-2008-1447 Available for: Mac OS X v10.4.11, Mac OS X Server v10.4.11, Mac OS X v10.5.4, Mac OS X Server v10.5.4 Impact: BIND is susceptible to DNS cache poisoning and may return forged information Description: The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) server is distributed with Mac OS X, and is not enabled by […]

Take mitigation now

The main issus with DNS is not so much if YOU have patched, but rather if your ISP and all their upstream servers have. HDMoore’s Austin ISP of AT&T didn’t patch in a proactive manner.  If you are holding back on the patches on your SBS box for fear that they will have issues, […]

MSPMentor 250

Let’s see if we recognize anyone on these lists: MSPmentor 250 Managed Service Provider Experts, Part I | MSPmentor: Crawford who just released a free pdf on dealing with change MSPmentor 250, Part II | MSPmentor: MSPmentor 250, Part II of Our Managed Services Expert List | MSPmentor: Luby and Matt Makowicz, Curtis […]

One fix creates another problem

The Old New Thing : When I double-click an Excel spreadsheet, Excel opens but the document doesn’t: exactly why would one check the box that tells Excel  “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange”, that ends up screwing up Excel’s open up the file and Outlook opening up an Excel file? Because when […]

Today’s MINI report brought to you by….

We temporarily interrupt this SBS themed blog to bring you the MINI post of the week …. okay lately more like day: To answer Ron, to bring the newbies up to date, I ordered my MINI Cooper around July 5th.  I went to the web site and ‘built’ my baby and then took […]

SBS 2008 and Run As Administrator

So on SBS 2008 you want to open up the SBS 2008 monitoring database… okay so “I” wanted to… and when you click on the SQL Server management express you get this lovely error when trying to open up the SQL SBSMonitoring instance. So the trick is to open up that SQL management tool with […]

Back at ya Andy and Ron…. Andy and Ron are just going to have to wait to see.  Yes, personalized plates have been ordered.

Videos on Security

Virtualization and Security: What Does It Mean for Me?: The Spy Who Hacked Me!: A Hackers Diary: How I Can Hack Your Vulnerable Services and How You Can Stop Me: Windows Security Boundaries: Windows Logins Revealed: A source that I really like is the EMEA web site that puts up […]