Flipping from WU to MU

When I set up a Vista or a Server 2008 one of the things I do is to “flip” it to be able to manually look at Microsoft Update.  Behind a SBS 2008 (or even SBS 2003) the server will look to the WSUS box for it’s patches so it’s a little tricky to ‘flip’ it.

Remember Windows update only gets Windows patches, Microsoft Update gets patches for everything else.  Thus to ensure that when you want to manually scan the box for patches that it scans for all patches, I recommend “flipping” the box to Microsoft Update from Windows update.

Step one…

Click on Windows Update and get to the GUI-ish WU console.

Now you would think that you could “flip” to MU by clicking on that Change settings.. but that’s not how you do it.

As you can see, merely going into that setting, there’s no ability to flip to Microsoft Update merely in that console

Go back to the “check for updates screen”

And click that “check online for updates from Windows Update

Immediately after doing that, you’ll see that you’ll get an option to “Get updates for more products”

You get get the EULA

Accept the Terms of Use and click next

The minute you do that, the Server and Vista will now be able to manually run Microsoft Update

And voila.. in addition to being able to get patches via WSUS from the server, your workstations now point to Microsoft update so that you can manually run Microsoft update and confirm patches on your test (or real) boxes.

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