So why should you listen to me?

Seriously, why should you? 

When the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ turns on itself: IMDB Edition | The Web Services Report – CNET

Whenever I get asked to give feedback, the first concern I have is am I the right person to be the sample for that vendor.  It concerns me sometimes that vendors are listening to the wrong voices.

Like the article above showcases, should folks listen to the vocal minortiy rather than the silent majority?  The web breeds a lot of “peer pressure” keeping up with the Scobles mentality and sometimes we all have to step back and realize that the stuff that bubbles up on the techmeme top list is from a bunch of folks, running dot com firms funded by other people’s money, tech sites that need your eyeballs, and Silicon Valley folks that never did live in the same business world as the rest of us folks. 

Beware of listening to what you think is the crowd, because it might not be the feedback you need for your business, your area of the country or world, and your needs.  Sometimes the people making the noise are a small subset and not what’s real for you.

So yes, that means that sometimes you should disagree with me because you don’t live where I live, deal with the issues I see, work with the clients I do.  Just be aware of that and always, make up your own mind from the input you get from the local community around you.

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