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A sight you might remember   For anyone who’s gone to Jeff Middleton’s IT Pro Conference in New Orleans, you will probably will recognize that building street view of Bourbon Street.  What you won’t recognize is the storm clouds and the police curfews. Jeff and his family that live outside of New Orleans are staying put in the area […]

Trend Worry free beta When you deploy a brand new operating system one of the first things one needs to check on is if antivirus products support it. With Windows 2008, most of the desktop versions of the a/v will run on the servers just fine, but the console versions will need to be supported. Trend is coming […]

Batten down the hatches To all those in Gustov’s path, we’re thinking of you guys and wish it doesn’t head your way. It goes to show us that we always need to be prepared for disasters and ready for whatever happens. Do your clients have a disaster plan?  Are they prepared for the worst?  You may not live […]

A geek toy for the new baby   It’s a moral imperative, don’t you think?

Our master is business There are times I really want geeks to understand that technology serves a master. That master is business. I really don’t care if the Intranet settings on IE8 to not conform to the “standards” that the author of the registry article (who works for Opera, another browser) wants them to be. I really don’t […]

Thanks to Crevier MINI

Just in case you were wondering… the license plate on the car currently is the dealer name … Crevier MINI in Santa Ana.  And a huge thank you to Christian Banks for a wonderful buying experience.  I’d highly recommend Crevier MINI for a wonderful dealership to work with (and Christian as a wonderful Motoring Associate) The […]

Announcing a new baby

Born with 8 miles, now the proud owner of a Pepper White Mini!

Does it run on 64bit? So does anyone know if the Blackberry BES software that runs on a SBS server can run on a 64 bit edition?  BES runs on 32bit SBS 2003 but we’re not sure it will run on the 64bit SBS 2008? If so you have a couple of options.  Mobile 6 that work natively. iPhones […]

Shopping list for Frys

Now on the Train/Bus/Train traveling down to Santa Ana to pick up Coop tomorrow morning. Listening to (what else?) the sound track from the Italian Job and of course checking out the news on the MINI forum.A friend of mine says that he thinks he might be able to get professional help for my addiction […]

Give him a huge kiss and a hug will ya?

Microsoft takes community seriously with SBS and EBS launch – Blog Site:  In a few short weeks if there’s a guy who looks like this… Or like this… I want you to give him a huge Kiss and a hug from me for doing all that he does for the upside down folks. […]