So we had this old old Lotus then Excel Macro that worked with Windows XP and Excel 2007 but once we went to Vista the macro didn’t run fast enough to work like it should.  It was a home grown macro and we needed it fixed for a certain need.

So I pinged two vendors that advertised that they were Excel Macro gurus.  The one “guru” came back and said he didn’t work with Vista.  Okay.  I wonder if I had said “no, sorry not Vista, it’s Mojave Operating System” if he would have tried working on it.  🙂

In our case, Bill from SmarterNotHarder was able to fix our macro so now it works perfectly (and way way way way cheaper than us trying to debug it).

Thank you Bill for your great work, excellent service and for making that macro even more efficient than it was.  Sometimes you just have to find the right person to fix your problem.  🙂

One Thought on “Sometimes you just have to find the right person to deal with your issue

  1. hey Susan – we are experts at this too!
    Glad to be able to help out

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