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Okay I am getting used to SaaS (software as a service).  I can handle HaaS (Hardware as a service) but now we have PaaS…which is depending on whom you read… either Procurement as a Service or Platform as a Service 

Now if you ask me PAAS is not either one, but the easter egg coloring kits we buy every year.

When they get to Life as a Service (LaaS) then I’ll know we’ve gone too far in the abbreviations.

One of the worst abbreviations in the techonlogy industry is POS.  Which, yes, I know means Point of Sale, but dang do I have to sometimes mentally shift my mind to think of it as Point of Sale as sometimes you never know if someone is ranting about a Piece of…. well you know.

So what other “as a service” do we have out there?

BaaS?  Blogging as a Service?

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  1. SaaS: Sarcasm as a Service

  2. Service As A Service? That one always gets forgotten.

  3. Ricardo Santos on August 26, 2008 at 4:38 pm said:

    well, I’m sending this from my avatar, part of my complimentary AaaS (avatar-as-a-service), part of my subscription to LaaS (Live-as-a-service), a component of UaaS (universe-as-a-service).
    I’m just guessing here but … errrr … in what part of CaaS (Cloud-as-a-service) are you? And what UaaS provider?
    You never heard of XaaS (anything-as-a-service) ?? 😀
    C’mon guys … seriously … it’s just $10 USDaaS/month … and it takes you less than 1 second-as-a-service 😉 to subscribe.

    * this goes to prove my point: SaaS = S****dity-as-a-Service , unless we all cool down a bit. Cheers

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