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The business value of SBS 2008

One of the questions I get a lot these days is what do I see the business value of SBS 2008 is. And I’ll be dead honest with you that if you wanted me to point out the wizzy bangy thingy that made SBS 2008 an absolute must have over a SBS 2003 that had […]

SBS 2003 – and SA Philip clarified the Software Assurance story.

News on Software Assurance

Word is that as of 10/1 that SBS 2008 will be in the pricing lists.  Thus if you want to purchase SBS 2003 with software assurance you will need to purchase retail or OEM copies of SBS 2003 and THEN add Software asurance. I had heard before that SA would be there until October 31, […]

Olli’s guide to ensuring that you don’t get slowed down during migration To turn off the advanced networking features like EnableRSS (Receive Side Scalling) and/or TCPChimney which can be somehow slow you setup very much down to the speed of a turttle: Press Shift & F10 during first setup wizard page on every box: netsh int tcp show globalnetsh int tcp set global chimney=disablednetsh int tcp […]

DisableTaskOffload As a reminder on a SBS 2003 box, ensure that you disable task offloading. Setup a reg key under this value HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters Under that set up a Dword value called DisableTaskOffload and ensure that it has a value of 1 under there. To disable checksum offloading: From the registry you can do: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters Click […]

How do you extend an eval version of SBS 2008? How to manually extend the evaluation period When the initial 60-day evaluation period nears its end, you can run the Slmgr.vbs script to reset the evaluation period. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Command Prompt.  (ensure that you run as Administrator) 2. Type slmgr.vbs -dli, and then press […]

Going up to go down

When you get into the Seattle Airport you go down to the baggage claim area pick up your luggage, then go up to the pedestrian walkway.  Once you get to the pedestrian walkway go down to level three of the garage.  Then go to the Shuttle Express and check in (remember you can make reservations ahead […]

Competing against gmail

The other day at the TS2 someone was asking about how to compare and compete Microsoft online services with gmail.  And it got me to thinking, how do you compete against free?  How do you bring a solution to a small business looking at this crazy economy of ours, and urge them to take a […]

Packing list for SMBnation

Computer – power cord – batteries Authanvil token for Admin access for RWW Travel router for hotel Linksys router that will broadcast the aircard through the router (yes, I’m packing TWO routers) Shirt for Wayne (no he’s not shirtless… you’ll have to ask him about this shirt he ordered) Rain shoes (since it’s like  NINETY […]

Alternatives to SBS revisited “The response was largely positive but yet a number of SBS consultants expressed their dissatisfaction. The comments were insightful; my view that SBS advocates recommended the product based on price was challenged. While true it also came to light that another reason for pushing SBS was that the consultant was complacent with just knowing […]