Just for grins I installed IE8 on a laptop.  I knew that the SBS team said that they were working with the IE team on some issues but I wanted to see what they were. 

So after installing it we get the “we want you to reenable ActiveX”.  Okay I can handle that but it would be nice if Microsoft considered Microsoft secure and reenabled that from the get-go.

Then it needed me to reinstall the control.  Okay I can handle that.

But then no matter how often I tried the password it wouldn’t work and it acted like it was making every input lowercase.

Once I put the RWW site into the “compatibility” mode then RWW worked.

But looks like that’s the workaround we’ll have to be doing.

EDIT — it’s more wacked out than I thought.  In a RWW session, the input doesn’t recognize the shift key on the keyboard.

One Thought on “IE8 and RWW

  1. Oddly enough it does recognise caps lock

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