EBS Virtual UserGroup

Message from Amy Babinchak….

Jeff Loucks has agreed to be the VP for the EBS Virtual Usergroup. Jeff
and I will run the group together for first year. 

The concept is that right now there are not that many people with
expertise and interest in EBS. We are widely scattered. To help grow the
community, the EBS Virtual Usergroup will welcome all comers. We'll plan
to meet monthly via Live Meeting. Time to be determined and we'll try to
record them as well. 

The first meeting will be November 18th. Time to be determined. 

Please promote the existence of this group via any means available to
you! We'll post EBS resources, announcements and meetings to the group.
It can also be used as a resource to access experts in EBS as we all
move into supporting this new product.

Here are the details on EBSUserGroup:
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EBSUserGroup
Group email address: EBSUserGroup@yahoogroups.com

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