Got a TUSB6250 boot device but it’s a Lacie Hard drive?

My Big Disk will not mount or is not detected. The System Profiler on my Mac or Device Manager on Windows lists it as unknown with the name TUSB6250 Boot Device.

Please try the following:


  1. Disconnect all cables connected to the drive.
  2. Connect the power cable to the drive.
  3. Connect the USB-cable. First to the drive. Then to the computer.

If the drive is detected correctly the problem was probably caused by improper shutdown or un-mount (unplugging the cable without dismounting first, etc.). When this has happened, the USB-interface needs to reset itself properly. After this, reconnection should be no problem.

And when I do that…. Voila


Funny thing is I did do a “safely remove USB hardware” and it still occured.

2 Thoughts on “Got a TUSB6250 boot device but it’s a Lacie Hard drive?

  1. Tim Sullivan on October 23, 2008 at 7:13 am said:

    We have quite a few Lacie 500GB USB hard drives – the F.A. Porche design – and have seen similiar issues. The cause is always a bad AC adapter. In fact, we have replaced almost 50% of the adapters. The problem is that everything looks OK – light on AC adapter, light on hard drive. I guess a capacitor goes bad and the adapter doesn’t provide enough power for the drive to spin up properly. I hope the new Neil Poulton drives don’t have the same problem!

  2. I love Lacie products

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