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Windows Live OneCare for Server:

Items to keep in mind regarding the “One Care for Server + Site license”

If you install it on the workstations, the product will install it’s own firewall and override the group policy settings for SBS 2008.  While SBS 2008 ships with a trial version (120 days) of the Server a/v, they don’t ship any workstation versions and rightly so.  It’s really geared toward a “workgroup” setup and not a true domain. 

While they say “a domain” .. be careful here.  I’m not convinced that this is good for our domains.

Windows Live OneCare for Server small business network protection:

Windows Live OneCare for Server System Requirements:

2 Thoughts on “One Care for Servers

  1. Joe Raby on October 23, 2008 at 8:24 am said:

    o_O < WOW! Is it just me or does this seem kinda pricey? How many workstations does the site license cover? 25? It had better for that price! Kinda funny that they would only cover 25 systems when SBS supports up to 75. After 25, I'm guessing you'd want to set up a member server with another "circle" or something (?). Or do they recommend FCS for "mid-to-large small businesses"? How does one cover a member server in an SBS network? How big of a policy change does it make to workstations?

  2. Is a domain and/or a server required for a site license? I have about 15 computers in a workgroup, but no server. I’d rather not have to purchase 5 separate circles of the consumer edition.

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