Many partners that are spec’ing out new servers are deploying/spec’ing out SBS 2008.  When you do make sure you put together your shopping list.

1.  Do your vendors say they support SBS 2008.  I’m not just talking Windows 2008 here, and yes I know that SBS 2008 “is” Windows 2008 but keep in mind that SBS 2008 is a bundled solution.  Vendors can assume that they have full access to the server and end up mangling things they don’t mean to.  So in your vendor relationships BE SPECIFIC about support.

2.  Ensure that you’ve tested the deployment.  The “official” release date for SBS 2008 is November 12th.  We’re still VERY early in the deployment.  As a SA customer I won’t be getting my media until next month and Action pack folks are due this week.  So if you run into issues the body of knowledge regarding what works and what doesn’t… is quite frankly pretty lightweight.  So set expectations accordingly that we’re in the ‘fasten our seatbelts this will be a little bumpy for the first few moments of the flight” and be patient as we all get up to speed on SBS 2008.

3.  Follow the for the latest tips and tricks on SBS 2008.  Tattoo that URL on your forehead.

4.  Follow the blog at  Tattoo that url, or the picture of Chico (the dog, the blog’s mascot) on your chest.  (I’m sure your wife or husband will love these tattoos)

5.  Sign up for the official SBS 2008 newsgroup… info here:  Need to post your SBS 2008 RC0 question? – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”:

6.  Read the Technet documentation:  Go ahead and kill trees.

7.  Run the on the box.  There’s a new bpa for SBS 2008.

Bottom line, be prepared.

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