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“and yes, we don’t require you to buy 2 servers to do the same job. (*hint* Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 requires a dedicated SQL server).”

For the record,  SBS 2008 standard is a SINGLE box solution.  SBS 2008 Premium gives me/us the FLEXIBILITY of not only having a second Win2k8 license but we can then place the SQL 2008/2005 on the second server.

SBS 2008 does not REQUIRE a dedicated SQL server.

“I can’t afford to hire a engineer to take care of my network 24/7”  Nor can I, nor do I.  Most small businesses still need a Windows server to be the foundation for their file and printer sharing.. not all.. but many do.

Still a single box.. IF you want it to be.

6 Thoughts on “Still a single box.. IF you want it to be.

  1. “SBS 2008 does not REQUIRE a dedicated SQL server.” He’s probably talking about EBS? I’m pretty sure that EBS requires multiple servers unless you virtualize them, in which case you can get it done on one. What do you think the setup time is for that?

    “Most small businesses still need a Windows server to be the foundation for their file and printer sharing.. not all.. but many do.” Lotus Foundations does actually provide a fully compatible file and print server. You can still access files via the Windows File Explorer, and setup printers in the same way. Most businesses wouldn’t even know it wasn’t a MS server.

  2. bradley on October 30, 2008 at 11:32 am said:

    EBS is mid market though, not small busienss.

    It’s the line of business app support that is the sticking point here.

    I know of many that specifically state “Windows”.

    LOB wags the tail here.

  3. Robert Johnson on October 31, 2008 at 8:37 am said:

    Your points are weak and make no sense. EBS is expensive solution for 75 plus usermarket. Virtualization, setuptime and the whole process is inefficient.

    Only Microsoft can dictate a userbase of 75 and under as a small business.

    Unless if you are directly associated with Microsoft and refuse to try anything else, its pretty ignorant to make comments without trying out the alternative.

  4. bradley on October 31, 2008 at 8:49 am said:

    Give me an alternative that includes a patching platform, group policy to control the workstations, email, a shared intranet and remote access to the desktops and one that I’m not cobbling up from bits and pieces then.

    I have asked for examples and alternatives.

    Everyone comes up with products that are parts and pieces not solutions.

    My comment about EBS was solely in reference to the Joe who thought that the original blogger was talking about it. He wasn’t.

    I’m a business decision maker in my office. I’m not “directly associated with Microsoft”. The buck stops with me. And I’ve yet to see a solution from any other vendor that provides the same functionality.

    Give me alternatives. Because I’ve yet to be offered one that gives me the same features and functionality.

  5. It amuses me that one of your top priorities is a bug patching platform to deal with all the issues that Microsoft has dropped on your doorstep.

  6. bradley on October 31, 2008 at 4:06 pm said:

    This is reality. Business lives in a windows world. As an admin I choose the tool the business needs to be productive and then I plan to protected.

    Be amused.

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