Crash analysis wizard makes BSOD’s fun

Okay so I needed more ram for a Server 2008 because I have a dying 2003 box (yes we lost another drive) and rather than buy hard drives off of ebay again I’m just going to virtualize it and stick it on our new server.  Why am I not just loading up the Office communication server on the new Windows 2008 64bit server?  Because it’s not supported on 64bit and won’t run until the R2 era.  Who knew?

So I got to and load up that memory analyzer thingamabob to see how much ram it needs and what kind.

Ka boom.  I lose RDP to the box.  That’s interesting.  I can’t ping it.  When the box finally comes back online it indicates it BSOD’d on me and had a driver issue.

Well if you open up that Problem report the mini dump file is in there.

Now I could extract that bsod file and use the Peter method to look at this but I now have a better way.

If you have Software assurance with 3 year open value (NOT the 2 year open license contrary to this pdf), you get Technet Plus.

If you have that right, not only do you already have access to SBS 2008, but you then have Diagnostics and Recovery wizard as part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.

Log into TechNet Plus.

Go to the Server section (why it’s there I haven’t a clue)

Find the MDOP and download the latest version that runs on windows (the October build)


Extract the MDOP.  Now find the software called Diagnostic and Recovery toolset.

Install it on your system

Under there is a Crash analysis wizard.  Run the wizard and point it to the dump file in the location you’ve extracted that dump file to.

When you get done it will tell you/confirm to you that the Crucial RAM tester just bsod’d your box.

Nice to know what you thought did it, really did it.

Crash analysis wizard is very very cool and should be on ALL of your IT staff computers.  Even if you don’t have access to Technet plus subscriptions through SA it’s worth it for an IT shop.

A promo code for 15% off is on Kevin’s blog.

Bottom line the crash analysis wizard makes getting BSOD analysis so much fun you can hardly wait until your next one.


4 Thoughts on “Crash analysis wizard makes BSOD’s fun

  1. Um Susan, were you surfing from the server? Who were you logged in as? uhuh…

  2. bradley on November 5, 2008 at 9:27 am said:

    Actually no I downloaded the crucial memory test file from a workstation and saved the file on the 2k8 server as I keep the enhanced IE on the servers and it blocks file downloads.

  3. Cool. Wish I had known about this long before now myself. Not that I had a Technet subscription back then either.

  4. I’m confused. When do you use Desktop Optimization Pack 2008 and when do you use Desktop Optimization Pack 2008 R2? They both seem to have the same file date. Thanks.

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