Putting those Cals in a lockbox

Remember when Al Gore was going to put Social Security in a “lockbox”?  He was planning to protect the fund so he promised to put it in a “lockbox”. 

To everyone who has asked me several questions about SBS cals I want you to remember Al Gore’s lockbox. 

The first question I get is where in the SBS console do you enter cals? 

You put it in the lockbox.

The next question is where do you indicate if you have device or user cals? 

You put it in the lockbox.

The next question I get is where do I find out what kind of cals are installed on the Server? 

Look in the lockbox.

The last question I’ve been getting lately is where are the 15 (or 10) extra cals  that I get as a SBSCer and where should I enter them in the console? 

Look in the lockbox.

SBS 2003 went to the Arthur Anderson school of counting.  It  couldn’t count cals accurately if you tried.  So they gave you 5 “fluff” licenses because it couldn’t count heads in the office.

If you’ve ever looked at the beta (now RTM trial) of EBS you will see that the license screen they have is a bit annoying.  You have to enter in there exactly who has device cals and who has user cals.  It’s an extremely cumbersome task to assign cals. 

Fortunately for us in the SBS space they no longer treat us like pirates of the earth and they trust us.

You do have to be legal.  You do have to be legit.  You need to buy the cals to be legal for what you need.  But thankfully there isn’t a console anymore to enter cals.  It’s up to you to find a secure and safe place to keep those documents.

I’d recommend one of these and not the Al Gore kind of Lockbox. 

Preferably fireproof.  Or put it in the safe at the bank with your passport.

But that’s where your cals go.

In the Lockbox.

(typed on a bus down to LA so pardon the typos)

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  1. Where do you find all these pictures ?

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