2 Thoughts on “I say he should keep the blackberry

  1. For being a security nut, you are way off-base on this one. Yes, I agree America deserves a tech-savvy President but I do not think the most powerful man in the world should be using a Blackberry. Besides all crackberry messages must go through the RIM servers (in Canada!!), there are plenty of other security holes that having a non-government-sanctioned communications device leaves wide open.

    What if the bad guys could figure out how to locate his crackberry’s signal, could they not send a missile or something to attack him? We know for a fact the US military can find particular cell phones in Iraq & Afghanistan. Even bin Laden knows better than to carry a cell phone or to have one anywhere near him.

    Mr. Obama is really going to be way too busy to have time to stay connected to all his ‘peeps’ back in the ‘hood so he will have to get used to getting his info from his staff. They may have to work differently than past administrations to get him the breadth of info he seems to prefer.

  2. Yes! Yes ! and Yes !

    They also said he will be the first president to have a laptop on his desk ( they should have said computer ) if they “let” him

    If I were him I would tell “them” that I am the boss and I will make my own decisions !

    Of course 20 years from now the President then will be able to use the computer on his desk to call up info on any one of us.

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