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While that vendor ‘who’s who’ may look the same between EBS and SBS the reality is that Windows Home Server, Small Business Server and Essential Business Server should not be called “brothers”.  Okay so maybe one could argue they have similar DNA.  Same Mother with three different Fathers or something.  There are indeed parts of each that are borrowed and shared between the three.  The Remote Web Workplace portal for example is similar technology.  But go under the hood and you realize that these three server solutions are indeed three different animals.

And it’s not just from the hardware specs needed to run each of the three.  WHS being the lowest of the three, EBS needing the most.  The knowledge and troubleshooting for each is arguably different as well.  If you roll into EBS thinking that because it’s in the Windows Essential Server Solution family that it will be a piece of cake to transfer your WHS and SBS knowledge from one to the other, I think you are kidding yourselves and doing a disservice to your client base.  Am I saying that as a small shop that you can’t handle taking on all of the WESS solutions.  Nope I didn’t say that.  Because I think there are ways these days to partner with other firms and do more than you are doing now with whatever staff you currently have.  But I think we all need to be realistic about what our brains can hold.  My brain can handle being a so called subject matter expert in SBS.  It can’t handle EBS.  Mainly because I can’t “live it” like Oliver does. 

Whenever we call EBS the big brother of SBS with it’s combo of Windows, Exchange, Threat Management Gateway and System Center Essentials, I think we are doing EBS a disservice. 

If you are SERIOUS about EBS you need to be serious about it and not think in your mind that it’s just the big brother.  Start here to see what I mean: 

Lurk there to find out more on AmyB and JeffL’s EBS Yahoogroup:  Strategies for Securing SMB Networks » Essential Business Server Virtual User Group Formed:

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