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Turn on the new year with your Zune Early this morning we were alerted by our customers that there was a widespread issue affecting our 2006 model Zune 30GB devices (a large number of which are still actively being used).  The technical team jumped on the problem immediately and isolated the issue: a bug in the internal clock driver related to […]

Your Zune and my Zune should be fine tomorrow Microsoft also said that “the issue should be resolved over the next 24 hours as the time change moves to Jan. 1, 2009.” Temporary glitch in the matrix is all.

New ways

New ways of doing the same old things is sometimes hard to get a handle on.  Sharing out printers in the 2k8 era is like that.  Since the server is 64bit, when you attach a 32 bit workstation, the native driver isn’t 32bit but 64 bit.  One of the ways you can deploy printers is […]

This was just not your time for a vacation was it?

Jamison got first hit with the black screen of death of Vista during his vacation.  Now he’s got two little ones with 30 gigs zunes that he’s not looking forward to turning them on and seeing if they work for his two kids for the plane ride back.  Ugh.  That could be a long plane […]

Y2k9 bug

As one comment on the post says… all 6 Zune users impacted… Yup dead as a doornail. Status: Customers with 30gb Zune devices may experience issues when booting their Zune hardware.  We’re aware of the problem and are working to correct it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Self signed certs better?

Indy has a comment that self signed certs are now “more secure” than third party ones. I disagree.  Why?  Because we’re training our end users to blindly click on certificates.  So are you going to sit down with folks and tell them to go ahead and examine each time they use a self signed […]

Can we just chuck them out the door?

So in reading this blog post before this one one got the impression that all MD5 based certificates are bad and should be chucked out the window. Cool we can do that, open up that MMC snap in and TAKE THAT you potentially rogue certs! 1. Add the Certificates snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console.a. Click […]

The Sky is only partially falling today

So for everyone concerned, the sky is only partially falling today.  If you’ve been reading the security news, you’ve probably seen the links to and to and to and to and finally to So what’s the best mitigations?  Firstly normal godaddy certs are indeed based on Sha1 and not MD5 Next train folks to […]

Hey! He knew what I was talking about!

Microsoft SMB Community Blog : Part numbers for the SBS SA benefits media kits you need from my earlier post: SMB Community Blog : How do we get the SBS Software Assurance benefits such as: Outlook 2007, Entourage 2008, ISA 2006 + additional Windows Server 2003, and Office SharePoint Designer 2007 now that SBS […]

It’s really December, not June

Downloadable documentation for Windows Small Business Server 2008: Regardless of what the dates say on the page… The downloadable migration documents are actually December not June documents. Ensure you download them from there and disregard the “June” updated date.