The premium key used on the first cdrom doesn’t really do anything magical

I kept seeing people ask about not seeing Premium features when they installed SBS 2008 using the premium key and I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about.

It dawned on me tonight when I was needing a temporary product key from the TechNet Plus site to activate a trial server that I’m trying to blow up (yes I could have rearm-d it as well but I just grabbed a key).

So up on Technet Plus it has SBS 2008 standard and premium it says for disk one.  In that info for disk one it lists that it has standard keys and premium keys. 

There is actually no difference in that first disk for Standard version premium.  There’s really no need for four sets of keys.  Two … one for physical one for virtual, okay that I can see.  But putting four keys up there and labelling one set of them Premium is what is causing the confusion.

The only thing that makes a Premium SBS 2008 a “Premium” box is the additional Windows Server 2008 and the SQL server licenses.  The first main box is IDENTICAL and no different whether you deploy standard or premium.

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