Cheap Ways of Acquiring Microsoft Products:

Cheap Ways of Acquiring Microsoft Products:

Kudos to the soho trends blog for editing their post to ensure that it was clear that the Action pack is not meant for rank and file small businesses but for firms that interact in the IT marketplace.  Remember …

The Microsoft Action Pack is available exclusively to Registered Members. The Microsoft Partner Program is designed for businesses whose primary function is to sell, service, support, or build solutions on the Microsoft platform, or to provide solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies to independent third-party customers. The Action Pack software licenses are provided for use at the Partner’s primary business location only and must be used only for internal business purposes, application development and testing. The licenses are NOT intended for employee personal use at home, for hosting customer’s applications, or for installation at a customer site, and may NOT be resold, transferred, or assigned to any third party.

For Accountants, there is still the Microsoft Accounting Network that offers the ability to receive Action pack.

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  1. Thanks for the kudos. I got quite a few choice (!) comments from the blogosphere about my original post, which didn’t include the note about the eligibility requirements of the Action Pack 🙂

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