New ways of doing the same old things is sometimes hard to get a handle on.  Sharing out printers in the 2k8 era is like that.  Since the server is 64bit, when you attach a 32 bit workstation, the native driver isn’t 32bit but 64 bit. 

One of the ways you can deploy printers is a utility called pushprinters.exe.  But there’s a problem where the 32bit version isn’t on the box.  You can either build the 32bit version of Pushprinters.exe or grab it from the link talked about here

Like Philip said put it on a usb flash drive —

Chad has some posts about things that are different as well… and


3 Thoughts on “New ways

  1. This breaks all sorts of EULA’s.

  2. Cliff Galiher on January 1, 2009 at 12:49 pm said:

    I’ve personally been recommending the use of group policy preferences for centrally managing printers since shortly after the release of win2k8 last spring. I think you’ll find it more reliable and less error prone than the printer management console method. The only drawback I can find so far is that you can’t use it with win2k workstations.

  3. You would have thought there would have been a wizard for installing printer drivers on SBS 2008, given the 32/64-bit issue.

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