Lacerte and Server 2008

Software or Hardware Firewall Port and IP Address Configuration:

So you got a SBS 2008 or Server 2008 and you need to install Lacerte on there?

Here’s the 2007 firewall info but if you need ‘any’ year installed just replace the 07 with the year of the program

Firewalls (hardware or software applications) exist to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or network. They may also monitor or block data transmissions, which can interfere with Lacerte communications. Most firewall applications have an option to “allow” or “trust” applications but some may require specifying port numbers and IP addresses for successful communication. Please refer to the firewall manufacturer’s instructions on how to configure the firewall.  


For Lacerte communications, the following files should be configured to “allow” or “trust” in your software firewall application.


Filename                                 File Location

W07Tax.exe                            C:\Lacerte7TAX

W07Setup.exe                         C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lacerte Shared

WebSetup07.exe                     C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lacerte Shared


If you are using a hardware firewall (router/switch), then you may need to configure the router/switch.  Before doing so, first try resetting the router/switch and/or the cable/DSL modem.  Please refer to the manufacturers instructions for resetting or configuring the router/switch. 


Lacerte utilizes the following Inbound TCP Ports:
The following IP Addresses are used to communicate to Lacerte:

2 Thoughts on “Lacerte and Server 2008

  1. Jim Batten on February 12, 2009 at 5:51 am said:

    Where can we go to see why Lacerte is failing to get updates to us timely. The 1040X, 8582 forms have been released by IRS, yet lacerte has them in draft form. Their programs have MA rejecting HC forms for a number of foolish reasons.

    Anybody there to help?

  2. bradley on February 12, 2009 at 9:17 am said:

    Lacerte’s web site would be the place to check the status of release. Not this blog 🙂

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