Removing that ugly send feedback link

I spotted this helpful post on how you can remove the ugly “Send Feedback” button on the Windows 7 beta because that button up there just is annoying isn’t it?

Remove the Ugly “Send Feedback” Link in Windows 7 Beta :: the How-To Geek:

I mean here you are running a beta (that B-E-T-A) and using a testing version of an operating system where your bugs, votes and opinions help to make the software better and it’s just so darn annoying to be reminded that you are supposed to be giving F-E-E-D-B-A-C-K now isn’t it? 

“First, you help just by using it. That’s because the Beta automatically reports crashes and bugs to Microsoft over the Internet.

Second, you help by telling us what you think. You’ll see “Send Feedback” links scattered throughout the Beta. If you have a problem—or run across a feature you love (or don’t)—click a feedback link and fill out a report.

All this information is collected in a big database, which Windows engineers rely on to finish the product. “

I mean who really would WANT to ensure that they fix a problem or anything like that?

3 Thoughts on “Removing that ugly send feedback link

  1. I disabled the link on my Windows 7 laptop only because I send my feedback via IT Pro Momentum 😉

  2. I removed it by uninstalling Windows 7 after a crash working with the new taskbar. Might give it another shot at Windows 7 SP1. I had seen enough.

  3. You’re right Susan! The crazy thing is we really do make use of the feedback and take it really seriously. I can’t specifically speak for the Windows team, but I know from our side (SBS/EBS) we spend a lot of time looking at feedback as a way of shaping the products. It is exciting to see Win7 being treated as a production OS so early in the cycle though. 🙂

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