Have you looked into Microsoft Business Productivity Suite?

A comment was made to my post about Home businesses —

“We have SBS 2003 today at the home office, and we are seriously considering to move to WHS and some kind of email solution in the cloud. The only thing I haven’t found yet in the cloud is Exchange Push email to our Windows Mobile HTC’s phones. The price of SBS 2008 with Trend’s WFBS makes you consider other options.”

Have you looked into Microsoft Business Productivity Suite?  http://www.microsoft.com/online/products.mspx

I know a few folks that are combining Windows Home Server and BPOS to have a presence server for their onsite needs and then Hosted email for their Exchange needs. 

Microsoft offers a comprehensive messaging solution with a simple per-user monthly fee. Key features include:


·          1GB mailbox (additional storage available for purchase), shared calendar, contacts, tasks.

·          Outlook Client Connectivity including Outlook Anywhere.

·          Outlook Web Access.

·          Virus/Spam filtering via Exchange Hosted Filtering.

·          Push e-mail for Windows Mobile 6.0 devices.

·          Built in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

·          99.9% scheduled uptime with financially backed service level agreements.

·          Use of https helps keep Internet access secure.

·          24/7 Web form and phone based Tier-2 support for IT Administrators

·          Sign-In Tool for single sign on capability.

·          Directory Synchronization Tool helps keep on-premise and online Active Directories in sync.

·          Coexistence — ability for some users to be on mail servers on premises and for some to be online.

·          Migration Tools help you move your current mailbox data into the online environment.


3 Thoughts on “Have you looked into Microsoft Business Productivity Suite?

  1. Thanks, I really apreciate your answer. We will take a look at it. Good wishes, Peter.

  2. Is the cost of this over the life of an SBS server really less? My calculations have shown that it’s not. I think financing the SBS server might be a better solution.

  3. Rich Lusk on January 27, 2009 at 12:02 pm said:

    Interesting…So much for trying to sell SBS and get a MSP contract signed with it. Why should my clients buy SBS and get an MSP contract from me when Microsoft can do it from the Cloud for A LOT less than having SBS and an MSP contract? This is really scary.

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