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Okay so twitter is good for one thing

It’s at these times when I’m HERE and a fair amount of people are THERE and I’m not going THERE but am interested in what is happening THERE that …. okay… I’ll admit it that I break down and start following Tim’s Twitter feeds to see what people are up to …. Twitter / timbarrett: […]

Thank you for saying I look fine….but….

So on my Windows Live wall I got a private message the other day from someone I had no idea who it was.  And that’s when I found out that the new facebooky Live page does not default to privacy. Yeah I’m clicking on that one for sure…. Concerned about privacy and what you’re sharing […]

It ain’t Fresno, folks. Trust me.  You might want to sign up for that and keep any eye on it.  So far here’s all I personally know about Windows Foundation Server.  It appears, it ain’t Fresno.  You know and remember Fresno?  The base of SBS 2003, and for that matter SBS 2008, that we nicknamed “For Really Small […]

So where did shared folders go?

I’m n Windows Live Messenger 9 here at home and a friend said “oh stick the file up in the shared folder and it will sync up overnight”.  So I went into Live Messenger to move the file and found that in version 2009 of Live Messenger the Sharing Folders feature is gone. The Sharing […]

Thank you Frank, you were a diamond

Frank McCallister – February 27, 2009 At a time in one’s life that everyone else would be slowing down, Frank was always the one speeding up.  I don’t remember when I first saw Frank post in the newsgroups, but I’ll probably not forget how I found out about his passing. His daughter let his […]

Online Banking 2009 Updates

- Intuit Community: Check out the announcement about Online Banking updates for the 2009 QB.Online Banking 2009 UpdatesBackground In redesigning the online banking feature in QuickBooks 2009 we were hoping to provide an easy to use experience for new users to the feature. We are dedicated to listening to your feedback and updating the […]

Solve the Quickbooks 2009 Invoice Sending Problem

Solve the Quickbooks 2009 Invoice Sending Problem | The OSM Blog: players: 64bit Vista (or Windows 2008) Quickbooks 2009 And a certain PDF printer that can drive you insane. Check out that post and bookmark it. (and a special thanks to Alison Ball of Intuit for the heads up!)  

Old 8.3 file names are still kicking in the 2008 era

A note from Tony: Some information for your after using yor blogs for years for help and assistnace… If you happen to have old DOS / Netware applications that use data off a network share… yes they are still out there…. and work in vista…. By defualt SBS 2008 has 8dot3 filenames turned off and […]

A little migration tip from Shane

Shout out tonight (this morning) to Shane Scanlon from Comcity Technology in Melbourne Australia. He apparently tortures his staff by making them read my blog. He passed this along:   Thought Id share this one with you as its a nice tip for the young players: If you shutdown the SBS2003 before the demote and […]

Biden does twitter right?

Okay so our elected leaders don’t have to live in Facebook, or in Linked in, nor do they have to twitter.  But when you hear that they asked for the web site’s “number” one does wonder exactly how often they use the computer. Biden Asks for Web Site’s ‘Number’ – First 100 Days of Presidency […]