Small Business Susan

Don’t untick the IPv6 box

“We’ve had numerous hang ups with file shares on Windows Server 2008 using MR2. Also disabling IPv6 seems to help. We’ve noticed a significant performance (+80%) increase in backups with Backup Exec by upgrading to MR3 and disabling IPv6 support.”

And that is the worst possible thing you can do to a SBS 2008 server.

If you want a box that will take 45 minutes to reboot, untick the box.

If you want all network connectivity to freak out, untick the box.

If you want Exchange to fail to bind to AD, untick the box.

Bottom line on SBS 2008, DON’T untick the box and ensure that it’s there.  If you get called in on an ailing system, check FIRST to ensure that IPv6 is checked in the network card.

That Internet Protocol Version 6 NEEDS to be checked.