Follow up to "clean install"

Some follow up comments on the “clean install” post.

First off read the comments as there’s some excellent reminders in there:

1.  Set up a local admin username and password on that system before you disjoin them from the network.  ESPECIALLY VISTA workstations.  If you don’t and you don’t know that local admin password, you could be using the NT boot disk to reset the password.

2.  Outlook is never set up on the server.  The ‘export to pst’ is always done on the workstations, ergo the sneakernetting one has to do.

3.  Dig out that “So fish out the .nk2 file from their old profile, then slap them about to remind them that autocomplete does not equal contacts!.” because when you reattach the workstations, you get a new .nk2 autocomplete file.  It will indeed bother clients that got blown up.

As you can tell from the number of comments, others have also done this ‘go around the domain and rebuild it’ because they didn’t feel comfy with what they had to work with.

One Thought on “Follow up to "clean install"

  1. MParedes on February 11, 2009 at 9:54 am said:

    You could also use EXMERGE to export the mailboxes to pst, as supposed to going to each workstation.

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