Description of the UDP Port Reservation Utility for Windows Server 2003:

The backchannel story for those that can’t remember.. back in August there was the prior DNS patch.  This patch randomizes the ports that DNS uses.  The problem is on our boxes that are doing a lot of stuff it had a tendency to stomp right on top of RDP or IPsec ports.  As a result you had a risk of losing RDP access or the Internet on reboot of the Server. 

The Official SBS Blog : Some Services May Fail to Start or May Not Work Properly After Installing MS08-037 (951746 and 951748):

If you followed that blog post and manually entered the amounts in your registry, all is well and you don’t have to install this patch.  If you have not, PLEASE INSTALL THIS PATCH as each time you reboot you run the risk of services not properly starting.  I’ve seen post rebooting issues for months now blamed on various patches when it was this DNS patch that was the issue.

Bottom line the fix is now out!

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