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With Windows Home Server PowerPack II out the door, it reminds me that I’ve said this before, I’ll say this again what separates the small biz marketplace from the enterprise space is the ‘hand crafted’ nature of the workstations.  A large firm will flatten them in a heartbeat, a small firm will attempt at all costs to keep that data intact.  But in todays day and age of malware, backup software, imagebased backup software and even cloud backup software, we may think that the server is the only thing to worry about.  But it’s not and that’s why an image based backup software that grabs what’s important on the workstations can be just as important as an image based backup of the server.

What’s unique about Windows Home Server is how it makes the backups and is savvy enough not to repeat the same parts of the backup over and over again, and thereby having you buy a lot of harddrives.  For every XP you have in an office, a huge amount of the bits under the hood are the same bits on each workstation.  Mind you I still say the remote access and the remote sharing folder also makes it a great solution in many venues, but the image based backup isn’t to sneeze over either 🙂  I am blown away at the number of add ons,  tools, podcasts and resources as well.

For those looking for a Small Home office solution, Windows Home Server with hosted email is indeed a viable solution. 

One can never be too paranoid about backup software when it comes to precious things.

Take a read of those blog posts about Windows Home Server and check it out if you haven’t considered it for those clients of yours considering new home based businesses.

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