Chris Rue will be presenting on EBS Server tomorrow at 9 am.  Chris has deep roots in the midmarket space and brings a great skill of presentation to the table as well.  Be there tomorrow!

“Never sure what the optimal time for announcing this stuff is, but I’ve tended to find that the closer to time the better, strangely enough.

I’ll be delivering a webcast for the 5W/50 series tomorrow titled “Adding Essential Business Server to Your Infrastructure Practice.” The webcast, which is free for Microsoft Partners, will start at 9:00a Pacific time.

Sadly enough, I’ve seen too many server and wiring closets in mid-market organizations that looked just like this.  (image on the blog)

There will be a smidge of technical talk, mainly to assure that everyone tuning in has the base knowledge of EBS that will be needed to understand the bulk of the session, which will be serious business talk about mid-market and why it can be a very solid target niche, the common drivers behind mid-market IT, and how to best position your company to serve the mid-market. We’ll also show why EBS is a perfect fit to serve this market, and the five most compelling features in EBS that make mid-market clients sit up and take notice.

Here’s the signup link for this session:

Hope you’ll come and join the talk tomorrow!”

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