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One person’s bsod does not mean that all of us will get bsod’s

While I’m a person who recommends that you don’t have to be first to install a Service pack, lately I’ve seen a little bit of a disturbing trend where someone will get a bad install or a BSOD and they will roll back to pre service pack without doing more investigation. First some rules when […]

Notes from the Seattle SBS build day

Listening to the gang in Seattle at the SBS build day and found a “I didn’t know that” tidbit in Tyler’s slide deck: If you use group policy preferences to map drives AND the vista workstations are local admins still, the mapped drives won’t ‘take’ unless you put in this registry key.  This key, aka the […]

Does OpenDNS impact surfing speed? So I was asked if the use of OpenDNS makes a noticable slow down in surfing.  Not that I’ve seen.  And actually I think it speeds it up.  Like I said I do have little weird page issues only because I choose to block but that’s my choice.  (For example the final checkout […]

Server Fault: Calling All Lusers

Coding Horror: Server Fault: Calling All Lusers: I’m sad to say…. a. No b. Yes c.  Yes d.  Yes e.  Yes and I look for the new ones each year And unasked question f.  Did you already go to ServerFault and see if there were SBS questions and how well they were being answered? […]

So what do I block

After this morning’s presentation on “Stupid users and Attackers” I’ve been asked what categories and sites I block using OpenDNS.  One nice thing about OpenDNS is that I can manage several networks just from one console.  So the sites I block on one network can be different from another. For example at the office I found […]

Group policy Defaults for SBS 2008

Links to to detailed pages that show the group policy settings Default Domain Policy Update Services Client Computers Policy Update Services Common Settings Policy Update Services Server Computer Policy Windows SBS CSE Policy Windows SBS User Policy Under Domain ControllersDefault Domain Controllers Policy Under MyBusinessOU, Computers, SBSComputers Windows SBS Client – Windows Vista Policy Windows […]

Get your UAC Defense in Depth Slider shirts here!

If you want to make your own Windows 7 Tshirt – you can download the images from here:  They are in various image types and sizes for your use.You can print out the images (some of them are large for good resolution) and then print them with a color printer on iron on transfer paper […]

So what’s the real default policies? Ignore that post.  I forgot and picked the server that was in the middle of migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 and it has 2k3 leftovers still in it. Stay tuned for the RIGHT default policies on a clean box (formatted nicer as well)

So what’s the default group policies for SBS 2008?

Ignore this post.  I picked the SBS 2008 box that was in the middle of the migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008. I’ll redo this post (and format them a better way) and post up the default Group policy settings. Starting off with the first policy – Default Domain Policy     Default Domain […]

Webcast on risk and threats tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a presentation that while it has SBS 2008 in the title, isn’t just about SBS.  It’s really about Risk assessment. If you attend I’ll be giving away to one lucky random attendee, a copy of Mark Minasi’s Securing your Windows Systems CDrom – Who knows, I may throw in a […]