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Been on the new Partner forums?  No?  Maybe this will give you an incentive.  Win7 and Server 2k8 r2 topics that are links in the Partner forums.  So ensure you can get to the forums and then check out these links!

I. Improvements in Top3 hot zones:


1) Compatibility:

[Compatibility: ACT] ACT overview — address your compatibility concerns

[Compatibility: ACT] Features and Updates — address your compatibility concerns

[Compatibility: ACT] ACT workflow — how it works?


2) Performance:

a. Boot:

[Performance: Boot] Boot Performance Enhancements


b. CSC:

[Performance: CSC] A third caching mode – opportunistic or “transparent caching”


c. Power Saving:

[Performance : Power Saving] Saving Power through Virtulization


3) Security:

a. UAC

[Security: UAC] UAC Control Panel

[Security: UAC] Compares the number of UAC prompts for user actions in Windows 7 and Vista


b. Restriction of NTLM:

[Security: Restriction of NTLM] NTLM Auditing Group Policies

[Security: Restriction of NTLM] NTLM Blocking Group Policies


c. Service Account:

[Security: Service Account] Migrating a service from a user account to a managed service account

[Security: Service Account] Moving a managed service account to another computer

[Security: Service Account] How to create and install a managed service account?

[Security: Service Account] What are benefits of managed service accounts and virtual accounts?

[Security: Service Account] What are managed service accounts and virtual accounts?


II. Why buy Windows 7:


1) Top reasons to Win7:

[Top Reasons To Win7] Reduced Power Consumption

[Top Reasons To Win7] Improved Branch Office Performance and Management

[Top Reasons To Win7] Increased Desktop Management Efficiencies

[Top Reasons To Win7] Powerful Hardware and Scaling Features


2) Green:

[Green:Power Saving] Live Migration

[Green:Power Saving] New Power Saving Group Policy Preference Setting

[Green:Power Saving] Win 7 saves up to 10% power againt Win2003

[Green:Power Saving] Background Activity Improvements

[Green:Power Saving] Improved Power Option in Windows 7

[Green:Power Saving]Windows Server 7(2008 R2) supports power policy via WMI

[Green:Power Saving]Saving Power through Virtualization


3) New features:

a. Federated Search:

[New Feature: Federated Search(1)] Finding your stuff

[New Feature: Federated Search(2)] Choosing to build Federated Search

[New Feature: Federated Search(3)] Natural to use

[New Feature: Federated Search(4)] Simple to deploy

[New Feature: Federated Search(5)] Easy to adopt


b. Device:

[New Feature: Device] Devices and Printers Folder/Device Stage


c. Auditing:

[New feature: Auditing] Global Object Access Auditing

[New feature: Auditing] “Reason for Access” reporting

[New feature: Auditing] New Object Access events

[New feature: Auditing] New Logon/Logoff events

[New feature: Auditing] New Account Logon events


d. Smart Card & EFS:

[New feature: Smart Card & EFS] EFS supports ECC

[New feature: Smart Card & EFS] Smart card Plug and Play and the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard support


e. Group Policy:

[New Feature: Group Policy]New Starter Group Policy Objects

[New Feature: Group Policy] New Group Policy Preference Items


f. AD:

[New Feature: AD] how to fix a Broken Secure Channel Using DJoin.exe

[New Feature: AD] Active Directory Web Services

[New Feature: AD] Steps for performing an offline domain join

[New Feature: AD] Weak Encryption Disabled in Kerberos Authentication

[New Feature: AD] KERBEROS ENHANCEMENTS — Forest Search Order

[New Feature: AD] Modifying tombstone lifetime and deleted object lifetime

[New Feature: AD] Restoring a deleted AD object

[New Feature: AD] Active Directory Recycle Bin

[New Feature: AD] How to Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin


g. CA:

[New Feature: CA] Renewal Only Mode

[New Feature: CA] Enroll certificates for users and computers outside the corporate network

[New Feature: CA] Cross Forest Certificate Enrollment diagram

[New Feature: CA] What is the difference between Certificate Enrollment Web Service and CA web enrollment

[New Feature: CA] Certificate Enrollment in new ways – cross forest, over the web


h. Hyper-V:

[New Feature:Hyper-V] Enhanced networking support

[New Feature:Hyper-V] Enhanced processor support

[New Feature:Hyper-V] Dynamic virtual machine storage


i. Cluster:

[New Feature: Cluster] Cluster Shared Volume (CSV)


4) Tips:

[Tip 1] Managing Your Windows

[Tip 2] Multi-Monitor Window Management.

[Tip 3] Live Clutter-Free

[Tip 4] Help the Help Desk Help You

[Tip 5] Aero Peek Your Desktop

[Tip 6] Shuffling Through Program Windows

[Tip 7] Jump List

[Tip 8: Superbar] Notification Area

[Tip 9: Superbar] Pinned Shortcuts

[Tip 10: Squeegee] Desktop Preview/Win+Space

[Tip 11: Squeegee] Superbar hover and Alt-Tab preview

[Tip 12: Squeegee] Etch-a-Sketch Preview (Windows Shake)

[Tip 13: Squeegee] Smart Windows Arrangement

[Tip 14: Library] Library Functionality

[Tip 15: Library] How to operate Library

[Tip 16: Shortcut Keys] General Shortcuts

[Tip 17: Shortcut Keys] Explorer Shortcuts

[Tip 18: Shortcut Keys] Taskbar Modifier shortcuts

[Tip 19] How to enable gadgets while UAC is disabled

[Tip 20] Run As


5) SKU Descriptions:

a. Editions:

[Licenses: Editions] Windows 7 Starter and Feature Sets

[Licenses: Editions] Windows 7 Home Basic and Feature Sets

[Licenses: Editions] Windows 7 Home Premium and Feature Sets

[Licenses: Editions] Windows 7 Professional and Feature Sets

[Licenses: Editions] Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate and Feature Sets


b. License:

[Licenses: License] Windows Server 2008 R2 Licensing Guide

[Licenses: License] Terminal Service CAL Migration

[Licenses: License] Simplified License Server Discovery


III. How to deploy Windows 7:


a. Migration

[Deployment: Migration] Migrating the File Services Role

[Deployment: Migration] How to migrate AD & DNS server to Windows 2008 R2 server]



[Deployment: USMT] General Steps to use USMT

[Deployment: USMT] What is New in USMT 4.0?


c. AppLocker

[Deployment: AppLocker] How to track which application are used?

[Deployment: AppLocker] How to automatically generate Applocker Rules?

[Deployment: AppLocker] What is the difference between Applocker and SRP (Software Restriction Policies?)


d. Upgrade:

[Deployment: upgrade] Upgrade a Windows 2008 R2 DC from Beta to RC


e. Sysprep:

[Deployment : Sysprep] A replacement tool of Newsid in Windows 2008 R2


e. WAIK:

[Deployment: WAIK] What’s new in WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) for Windows 7?


IV. Cool troubleshooting tools:


a. Problem Steps Recorder:

[Troubleshooting:Problem Steps Recorder] How to Start Problem Step Recorder

[Troubleshooting:Problem Steps Recorder] Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder


b. AD BPA:

[Troubleshooting: AD BPA] What is Active Directory Best Practices Analyzer?

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