In a totally and utterly unscientific observation of the laptops I’ve observed from flying to Seattle a few weekends ago and taking a train down to TechEd here are the stats:


Number of businessmen/women on plane or train running Windows 7 = 1 (me)

Number of students on plane or train running Windows 7 = 0

Kinda obvious that I’m the only bleeding edge geek.


Number of businessmen/women on plane or train running Vista = 1 (my Sister)

Number of businessmen/women on plane or train running Windows XP = lots

Showcasing that businesses change the OS when they change the laptop.  And some of those laptops looked like they were due for a change out soon.


Now here’s where it gets interesting based on where I was traveling….

Number of students on train running Vista was significantly higher on the San Joaquin train corridor (that’s Sacramento to Los Angeles).  Most were various models of HP.  A few Dells.  But most looked like Best Buy specials.

Number of students on train running Mac (Mac Book pro) was significantly higher on the Coast Starlight route (that’s the run that goes from Santa Barbara to San Diego and on Friday’s the students will go down to San Diego or Mexico). 


So what does this prove?  Besides that you don’t want to travel with me otherwise I’ll be checking out what laptop you own?  To me it showcases that price does matter.  I’ve seen more students travelling with Vista laptops than I do with MacBook’s.  And when I do see Mac’s they are typically in higher socio-economic areas.  Granted I’m taking a huge leap in opinion since my survey is only based on limited train and plane observation, but then again, blogging is all about just throwing out an opinion isn’t it? 

Seriously, price and applications are still a huge driving decision maker for businesses that stick with XP, students that choose that $599 Lauren special from HP, and those that buy the coolness factor.


Number of TechEd folks running Vista and Win7 was proportionally higher than other venues, but that’s to be expected, and in fact if you were running XP, it was only to be the base as you probably had virtual machines up the wazoo.  And if you were really cool you were running a Macbook with Parallels and launching Win7… or maybe Server 2008 as your OS platform.

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