Encrypting that data

So for those wondering why I stuck a Western Digital green 1 terabyte drive as a backup device… I didn’t.  This is my poor man’s paranoid backup.  In my workstation I have a secondary harddrive.  Used to be 500 gigs but I got tired of Vista coloring it RED and saying I had too little space left and so I needed a bigger one.  What I put on that drive is my old Windows XP virtual machine (should I need to get back to a XP platform for any reason), and a robocopy of the contents of the mapped I: drive of the server.  Should the server go crashing in a blaze of glory, I can used cached credentials to log into this computer and access the harddrive.

BUT…and here’s the but… it has sensitive info on it so I need to encrypt it.  I don’t want it domain based because I want to make sure I can get into it should the network go down so I want to ensure it’s standalone.  I’m sure some will say truecrypt but I’ve been a fan of pgp.com and like their support.

Should something happen to my workstation, the data meets the SB1386/AB1950 implied requirements.  I say implied because they don’t state exactly what you need to do to take precauctions just that they be reasonable.

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