“Now for those of you with Software Assurance on your SBS 2003 servers and CALs, there will be no decision to make in May, 2009 because your SBS 2003 R2 CALs will automatically receive SBS 2008 CAL rights as soon as SBS 2008 is released, so you’ll be good to go whether you upgrade your SBS Server to 2008 or stay at SBS 2003 R2. It’s all included in your upgrade protection rights granted in your Software Assurance benefits.”

No More CALs!! – Windows Server 2008 Licensing Changes – In The Know – Charles Van Heusen’s Weblog:
Microsoft SMB Community Blog : Do my SBS 2003 R2 CALs allow me to access a Windows Server 2008 server in my SBS Domain?:

Thanks to Dave who made me READ, really READ that post to make me realize that as a software assurance customer as that May 31st, you must have Server 2008 cals in order to have a Server 2008 in your SBS 2003 R2 network rule is irrelevant to me.  Because I have software assurance I am covered.

For anyone else with a Server 2008 in a SBS 2003 network if you do not have Software Assurance you will need Server 2008 cals by May 31, 2009 if you use that Server 2008 for anything other than a HyperV host.

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